Portable Folding Grill-BBQ

Integral folding concept, can realize fast expansion and storage. Uses food grade 304 steel, does not chemically coat, does not produce harmful substances even at high temperatures, is resistant to corrosion and is not easily deformed. Large space carbon tank capacity, meet the needs of many people barbecue. All parts can be removed, easy to clean, long time storage without odor. One second folding, fast storage. Integral folding concept, can realize fast expansion and storage.

Item No. R07AB21B
Product Name Portable Folding Grill-BBQ
Material Stainless Steel
Color Stainless Steel
Dimension 21.4*16.6*2cm
Weight 1.2 KG
Open Size 21.4*16.6*11.5cm
Folding Size 21.4*16.6*2cm
Package Size 22*17*2.5cm
Carton Size 38*25*17cm (10 PCS/Carton)
N.W. 12.5 kg
G.W. 13.5 kg


Product Name MNO1 IGT HJ
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Product Spec. 21.4*16.6*2 cm
(Expand and high 11.5cm
Fold thickness 2cm)
Weight 1.2 KG/piece
35.8*24.8*2 cm
(Expand and high 15cm
Fold thickness 2cm)
Weight 2.6KG/piece
32.5*32.5*2 cm
(Expand and high 14.4cm
Fold thickness 2cm)
Weight 3KG/piece
Package Size 22*17*2.5cm 38*26*3.5cm 35*35*4cm
Carton Size 38*25*17cm (10 PCS/Carton)  33*27*32cm (5 PCS/Carton) 35*35*20cm (5 PCS/Carton)
N.W. 12.5 kg 13 kg 15 kg
G.W. 13.5 kg 14 kg 16 kg
MOQ 500 pcs 500 pcs 500 pcs