ALIVA Outdoor Life

Déjà vu, the way life looks.

2021 The ALIVA brand was established to develop outdoor activities, encouraging people to go out the urban jungle, to go outside, to immerse themselves in the search for life that coexists with nature.

ALIVA Health Declaration:
Strong physical function, the body and relief, relaxation of the body and mind to get balanced healthy life.

We strive for excellence in quality and service in what we do. We pride ourselves in our ability to design and develop our signature products as well as satisfying our clients' needs. Our design team aims to capture the essence of joy through contemporary design language to spread the spirit through our products, and we will stay committed to bring our quality and services to the next level.


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  • Address: 8F, No. 208, Sec. 1, Wenhua 1st Rd., Linkou District 24447, New Taipei City, Taiwan
  • TEL: +886 2 2600 2671
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